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The oldest person in recorded history was 122 years old, which means they likely anticipated death for 40-50 years.

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Say that at 18 I slap down enough money so I could have my whole body covered head-to-toe in tattoos, piercings all over myself, a mountain of cigarettes, plastic surgery, and plan to have like 20 babies… but if I try at all to safely make it impossible for me to breed for the sake of my health suddenly its like WOAH THERE SLOW DOWN MISSY YOU’RE NOT READY FOR THIS KIND OF COMMITMENT YET

I have stage III Endometriosis, which means I have to get my uterus removed because I literally have terrible cramps ALL THE TIME and not just when I’m on my period. Now, I’ve always said I don’t want any children for personal reasons and I don’t need my uterus, really. I am not worried about that surgery and I don’t feel any kind of nostalgia over an organ I won’t ever use. 

The thing is, my doctor is a ‘man’. This ‘man’ told me I had to get pregnant right now before it’s too late. I told him I didn’t want to get pregnant and explained the multiple reasons but what, do you ask, did my doctor have to say about this? ‘Well, better have a kid now because just imagine how depressing it must be being a thirty-something woman without children and a husband?’

I was diagnosed a year ago. I should have gone through surgery six months ago and I still can’t find a doctor that will perform the surgery without trying to force me to have children first. Basically, if you’re a woman you don’t have a say in what can and cannot be done to your body without a shitload of people getting in the way AND I’M FUCKING SICK OF IT.

A dear friend of mine wanted to have her tubes tied.  She was about to give birth to twins and the doctors wouldn’t consent because she wasn’t 21 yet.  She had already had children and they still refused to let her have the procedure.

My friend got a vasectomy a week after asking his doctor for one, no problem. He was 25.

Me? I’ve asked 4 different doctors for some kind of permanent sterilisation—tubal ligation or Essure or whatever—and I get a pat on the head and a “You’d regret it if you did.”


This is horrifying.

Jewelry & Perfume Allergies

As for choosing jewelry or perfume that we might want to buy or wear, there is one particular important factor that you should consider. Aside from knowing if you possibly could afford the jewelry/perfume, or how this matches your apparel or how beautiful it smells on you, it is essential that you consider you allergic tendencies toward certain metals and ingredients. What purpose would gorgeously crafted jewelry serve if it just spends the vast majority of time in your jewelry box because you cannot use or wear it to avoid your skin allergy symptoms?

There are really those who find themselves born with really sensitive skin and have allergic reactions to certain sorts of metal and florals. It is essential for you to learn your skin type and to be in the know when it comes to certain allergies you could probably have or are prone to in order to avoid skin related issues.

Others may experience skin rashes after getting their ears pierced. In addition there are those who get red lines of rashes on their necks after wearing a pendant. There may be even be those who develop itchy blisters on their fingers caused by the rings they wear often. There are many people who, one way or another, have experienced getting rashes or skin related allergies as a result of jewelry or perfume they often have worn.

Quite often, the majority of allergic reactions or rashes people get from their jewelry is caused by the nickel content inside them. Nickel is officially used on all sorts of metal used in cooking utensils, dollars coins, jewelry and more. You can generally find nickel content in jewelry which might contain silver and white gold but not sterling silver. Yellow gold doesn’t have nickel although the 10 carat type may have small traces of it.

It is essential that you seek out Avon jewelry and Avon perfume more suited for the sensitive skin type. You could generally find jewelry that is hypoallergenic. Some jewelry shops even give you a new method referred to as rhodium plating which often coats the jewelry to counteract your skin coming into contact with nickel exposure.

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Merry Christmas Grumpy Cat

Shady Trends

The kind of eyewear currently available is mind-boggling. Together with numerous brands, large and small, selecting the best eyewear can be tricky and difficult. From sports eye wear to formal eye wear to casual, the range is usually wide and prices suitable for most individuals.

Whether you wish to flaunt trendy eyewear models including Oakley and Oxydo or maybe other designer designs, sometimes also termed as “jewelry items” including Gucci, Ferrari, along with Bvlgari, the constantly evolving eyewear design trends, colors, and shapes are generally defining pointers for what your look will be fashioned on.

People don’t just buy sunglasses to protect eyes. They want the eye wear to flatter their face as well. Picking from the latest models: you can look at wraps, shields, aviators, clip-ons, extra-large Jackie O frames, or the fantastic futuristic shapes which may have flooded the market.

From New York to Shanghai, various sunglass knock-offs have made their way in to the market, so we need to be aware of counterfeits. Stay away from cheap and poor quality plastic lenses; these can hurt your eyes rather than protect them.

Existing Trends

According to eyewear “fashion authorities”, large shapes, especially the square frames plus the unisex aviators are in style. Lens colors, or colors that best compliment these shapes, are generally brown, grey along with black. So why not consider blue and pink shades? Well, these colors are generally completely out and folks only want darker tones. Black and grey are also the most favorite choices for the longest!

Having discussed the shape and color, it’s time to uncover what materials have been in demand. Consider this: the young crowd is drawn to plastic frames and ones that show-off distinct layered and colored effects to the hilt. Want a guaranteed hot tip which color frames to decide on? Try red along with black and/or reddish colored and white. You can’t ever go wrong with these combinations. Just don’t like colored effects? Not a problem. The very stylish and fashionable tortoise shell effect is merely what will cause you to be look like your favorite celebrity!

Here’s another tip: Try to obtain a frame with a more classic silhouette, rather than a bulky, high volume frame. Aim for a timeless look by staying with sleek materials. Dark colors including black, brown, gray, or silver along with plastic or wire allow you to stay in style even in the midst of the flood of styles!

Getting The Most Suitable Look

Yes, getting the right look is not at all easy. And the best way to identify a suitable frame for ones face does require a test run. Spend as much time as you can trying on distinct frames, styles & lens shapes before buying the perfect trendy pair of shades. After all, you deserve this!

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